Y’all don’t give the DC-10 and MD-11 the credit they deserve. Anyway, I flew this route yesterday for @FedEx_Virtual and it was great! Nice variety in scenery. Brown, yellow and mountains, to green and flat. I’d highly recommend it!

Flight Information

Aircraft: Douglas DC-10F
Livery: FedEx Express
Departure: KONT (Ontario International)
Arrival: KBOS (Boston International)
Flight time: 4:27
Distance: 2300nm.

I like the old FedEx livery so much more than the new one!

Southern California

Que the green!

I have no idea where this is

No idea where this is either

But that’s a wing! I’d be worried if I didn’t know that

Descending into Boston

Fun fact: I can butter the DC-10 and MD-11. Maybe I should hold a landing competition in them.

These engines look a bit too small if you ask me. But hey, we got there no problems

Thanks for those working cargo doors and the animated interior Infinite Flight! Super excited for that 77F rework

Can you smoothly land the DC-10 or MD-11?

  • Yes
  • No
  • If I try hard enough
  • Never have, never will

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Okay bye for now! Have a great rest of your weekend


Wing shots from a cargo plane without windows? I doubt it but I’m not gonna question it.


I assume someone stood on the wing or strapped himself onto the fuselage
(Or a camera instead of a person :0)

Nice shots @Mateo_Botha!

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@IMootsI and @Aviationer close, some brave dude allowed me to duck tape him to the fuselage to take pictures with his iPhone 11 Pro. At least it was the golden color tape, so it was a very glamorous ending. May Ken the camera man Rest In Peace 🤣


Oh… at least his photos survived

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At least they did…

Nice pictures. I’m a big Fan of the retro feeling in the MD11.


It’s a very fun plane to fly (except when it stalls during climb. It does that nearly every time)

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In that case, a shallower climb might suit you 😉

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She still stalls at 1000 fpm! And when J slow it down to 200 fpm, she can barely gain speed 😑

The DC-10 is absolutely amazing, I agree! Wingflex, HD model and working doors! I think if it had more modern liveries it would have been a lot more successful.

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It could have been from the door

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@William_Walker it was. There is an over wing door on the DC-10F 🤣

HaHa! lol 😂

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