FedEx COVID Supplies | MD-11F

FedEx COVID Supplies

@FedExVirtual has started COVID Supply Routes across US & I got a chance to fly one to replicate the real world scenario on Infinite Flight!

Here are few highlights:

At Gate in North Carolina

Taxing to Runway

Holding Short Runway

Preparing for Takeoff


Descending for Tampa Approach

On Short Final

Exiting Runway

At Gate in Florida

🙏 Thank you, Much Love & Peace ✌️❤️


Some really nice shots there! Keep up the awesome work!

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A pure pleasure to fly with you!


Have you buttered the MD11F? Btw nice photos mate :)

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Thank you soo much! ☺️

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Ahhmmm naah didn’t butter it! 😂

Wow! Great shots man!!!


Thank you! Glad you liked it… ☺️✌️

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I really love these shots. Keep up the fantastic work!

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Amazing pictures


Thank you soo much mate!! Appreciate your feedback, honestly! ☺️✌️

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Indeed, i love them too!
Thank you soo much… ☺️✌️

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Stunning photos dude! Can’t wait for more amazing shots!

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Absolutely! Thank you so much… ☺️✌️

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Great pictures!

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Thank you soo much mate! ☺️✌️