FedEx Cargo Flight delivering necessary medical supplies to New York!

@Populeux_Music hosted a SPECTACULAR event with IFATC a couple of hours ago. It was a FedEx Cargo Flight to Newark from Memphis to deliver supplies and aid to those on lockdown in New York :(
Anyways hope you enjoy these screenshots! We had a lot of people participating.

Flight Details

Route: KMEM - KEWR
Aircraft: Fedex MD-11F
Flight Time: 1 hour 36 minutes
Expert Server

Parked at the Fedex cargo stand with other planes waiting for pushback and taxi

Rotating out of Memphis with many others in line waiting to takeoff

Climbing above Music City! (Nashville)

The Appalachians below us

The nation’s capital outside the left wing

Philadelphia under the belly of the plane

Putting the gear down for a windy ILS approach into New York!

A rough touchdown in Newark with a lil Fedex plane in the back

All of us parked at the cargo stands ready to quickly assist the people of New York City!

Thanks for looking at my pics! Let me know what you think.


Awesome idea. Only in a simulation but still it’s neat to see the world come together. great screenshots, hope the flight was as fun as it looks


I’ll post my thread shortly


“With a lil fedex plane in the background”
That was me who had missed the event (due to falling asleep before the event and waking up after) and spectated the people in that event (Including you), but didn’t even realise you were in the event


Please join my next event!:

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