"FedEx" capitalization error

In aircraft selection menu, the FedEx Cessna 208 is spelled as “Fedex.” The correct spelling is “FedEx.”

How to reproduce:

  1. Open Infinite Flight
  2. Select “Fly Online” or “Fly Solo”.
  3. Select the aircraft menu.
  4. Choose the FedEx Cessna 208.

Device details:
iPad Air 32GB
All settings on highest and anti-aliasing turned on.
Latest version of Infinite Flight.


Nice catch

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Thank you ;)

Looks like we have a new bug exterminator @Henrik_B


Do you remember when Carson used to search for these typos?


It is really sad I didn’t notice this because that is one of my favorite aircraft to fly in the game.


Did you happen to attend business school? We discussed the intricacies of business logo creation and FedEx was one. See the pointing arrow? More obvious in larger print.

I did not go to business school.

Should have the full, previous and better name: Federal Express.

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So then UPS should be changed to United Parcel Service ;)

And DHL to Deadly Horrible Livery.


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