FedEx buys more 767F and 777Fs

Boeing has just announced that FedEx has put in a firm order for 12 more 767-300ERF and 12 777F aircraft in attempts to modernize their fleet. This comes on the heels of a solid year of freighter orders as the world air cargo market begins to pick back up. The value of the deal is expected to be $6.6 billion in list prices.


The aircraft likely to be replaced are older A300s, A310s, DC-10s and MD-11s. This order is not the 50 options that FedEx has for the 767-300ERFs but rather a new order. Replacing older aircraft for newer ones is a surprise as it leaves behind the strategy of buying older aircraft for cheaper. This may be an indication that FedEX will be looking to us more secondary hubs as they transition to a more streamlined system of using regional freighter aircraft for smaller airports rather than the older large aircraft. This is indicated by FedEx’s recent order for Cessna 408 and ATR72-600s with no plan to replace their other regional aircraft. This practice would allow them to be more fuel efficient which is the ultimate drive of this new aircraft purchase. As gas prices rise again FedEx is looking to get ahead with transitioning to a larger feeding network out of their secondary hubs and potentially opening more feeder hubs throughout the US.


Awesome news for FedEx virtual haha! On a serious note, it’s great to see them expanding their fleet more!


Have a friend who’s upgrading at FedEx to captain.! Should be a fun ride for him if he gets too fly a new 767


I wonder do they add some minor new things to the brand new 767?

These arent brand new 767s but they are newer compared to the aircraft they are retiring.

The sign of a growing business…noice

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Fingers crossed for a 767 at KPIT… 🤞🏻

And hey if ya want to send the 777 or anything bigger no complaints…

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My dad flies for FedEx these orders are for replacing MD-11/10 and DC-10. That’s my guess.


I don’t know, they seem to be going strong…

Didn’t they do some major maintenance to the MDs a bit ago, I could be wrong but if so why now?

Wonder if they’re going start phasing out the Md11s real soon same as their 757s

Sad to see trijets disappearing:(

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I already stated which aircraft they are replacing them with

Ok, and your point? Why don’t you instead of trying to start s fight work with the rest of us?

I imagined the Boeing 767 was out of line.

This is where I’d like to end up.

Why would FedEx order 767s if they want to modernize their fleet!

Cargo fleets generally used “older” aircraft. Remember, they still fly MD-11s.

Efficiency wise, a 767 is better in terms of fuel pricing compared to a MD-11 or MD-10.

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They are also pretty much dirt cheap right now.

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Yeah. Especially saying because Boeing is reviving the 767 program for these freighter airlines.

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