FedEx Boeing 777-200LR(F) lands at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Welcome to this epic Spotting post!

I’m your host, Daniel C. from Manchester, NH!

Today, FedEx Express sent us a rather big airliner and a first for MHT!
FedEx has sent us a Boeing 777-200LR(F) from Anchorage, AK! This is the very first time the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport has received a Freighter Boeing 777-200LR(F), and the fourth Boeing 777 to visit MHT since 2019.

FedEx has been sending us the MD-11F since March 2020 for COVID supplies, and there seems to be no word on when these covid flights will end, so we are hoping for FedEx to send us the Boeing 777-200 to make weekly trips into MHT from ANC!

It was a great arrival, and the flight arrived on time at 9:47am EDT.
Sadly, I Could not stay for it’s departure.

Enjoy the pictures!

Spot the 777-200!

Faraway shot of the incoming Boeing 777-200LRF

On final, with wheels extended

This is such a wide plane, and it has long wings

Another shot of N857FD

Thanks for viewing!


This is cool! Can’t wait to fly the reworked version in IF 😊

yeah, i’m recreating this in IF once the rework is done

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I love the shot on final! Nice work!

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Shot to perfection. 👌

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Here’s the video of the 777-200LRF landing!

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Awesome pictures! PHX got its first FedEx 772 after a while too!

Great photos! The 777 is such a beast.

Special aircraft, looking very cool!

It looks like it’s hiding/eating the pavement with its huge engines here ;)

As said really cool pictures, thanks for sharing! Must have been really special to see such a big plane up close.

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Oh yeah! Almost 20 spotters came to see this first ever Boeing 777-200 Freighter!

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