FedEx B77F Solo Fly-Out @ ZSPD #FDXV

Hello and thank you to all who show support by liking this post or any of my other post & comments, The route was ZSPD - VHHX (FX Trade Route)

Farewell Message to Hops

For those of you who know Hops or if you have met him in @FedExVirtual, you would know that @Hops_the_Rabbit will forever be remembered for the honorable service as PIREP Director for these periods of time. I wish you farewell and I am glad that you remain as a pilot. I hope to see you back on the staff team sometime! ♥

As for the photos, here they are! 😁


hey did you reuse your fedex feeder pics?
love the 77F shots tho

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Yeah, I got carried away. I removed the Feeder photos lol

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Thanks! Will always be at FedEx Virtual.

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Thanks for your service.