FedEx and DC-10

Me and a friend were talking about whearher FEDEX STILL opeates DC 10s? I say they do


They do but there slowly going away

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Currently, FedEx has 40 DC-10s, but they have retired 52, so like @marvin_buxton said, they’re slowly going away.

If you want to look at the entire FedEx fleet, click this link to go to


I think there mostly MD-11’s because a DC 10 flipped over and crashed on landing and it then got upgraded to MD-11’s


MD-11 has this problem too. I think it was to do with the rear stabiliser being too small. When an aircraft bounces, it has a tendency to bounce and roll.

That addresses the problem.

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I thought the MD11 had the issue because after the upgrade the front landing gear was so far behind the cockpit and it also made for hard landings

You don’t lengthen a plane, you only truncate it. They were upgraded to MD-10’s.

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Yeah… I watched the Air Crash Investigation for that one…

Yes but I think it is now called the MD10 and not the DC10

FedEx still uses the DC 10, I see them all the time landing at KOAK.

That was what I was talking about but it happened on a DC-10

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