FedEx Across the Atlantic

I haven’t created a #screenshots-and-videos topic for a while so here I am flying again and taking screenshots,. I’m flying with my inexperienced pilot friend @ZinZowe from Memphis to London Stansted as FDX2, a real flight operated by an MD-11F and a 77F. Enjoy!

On the pushback as engine one spools up 🔥

A small climb rate for ZinZowe’s initial departure

Close-Up of the mighty 777-200F climbing outta Memphis 🚀

Back to the Moon Shots! 🌙

After miscommunication with the cruise altitude speed we ended up with a new prototype called the 7777-400ERF

It’s descend time which also means quiz time 😉

How many deliveries has FedEx made in 2020?
  • 20.5 Billion
  • 420 Million
  • 2.9 Billion
  • 2.54 Billion

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I think ItsBlitz took this shot! 🥰

(The name “Ariana” can be seen just below the cockpit windows)

Landing in front of a large crowd with -94 V/S on the marker 😎

Turning into the apron with ZinZowe after a nice busy Saturday Morning.


We will try to pretend we didn’t see this.


Great pics btw


See what?

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Just stating the fax 📠

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Nothing…for the most part…

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I think the fax made a typo

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@ItsBlitz what server was this on? 😂

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Expert :)

Lol, really nice photos!!

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I thought my eyes were not functioning well when I saw double B77F lol

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Saw you guys landing into EGSS!

Photos are 💯

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Thank you kamryn, very cool

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