FedEx A319/320/321

I was driving to the airport and I looked at the FedEx parking and there was a FedEx a320

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I don’t think they own the A320, and there is no such thing as a cargo A320 or A320F. This is a fake picture with an A310 registration (although it looks pretty real).

This is the A300 and below that an A310 (they have the nose of an A330)


They don’t own an A320. What you saw was an A300 or an A310.

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You may have seen an A310, a similar aircraft to the A320

The older Airbus planes aren’t very long and look similar to curent aircraft so that’s probably the reason for this confusion

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I know what I was looking at not a300 a310 a330

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Did you get a picture? Maybe you weren’t looking at it right. Or were you looking at a 757, 767, 777, DC-10/MD-10 or MD-11?

There is no way they don’t operate them and there is no such thing as a A320F and it wouldn’t make sense either as they have loads of B757f aircraft


This leaves only these options:

Their collection of ATR props
Boeing 757-200F
Boeing 767-300F
Boeing 777F
Cessna 208
Douglas DC-10-10
Douglas DC-10-30
McDonnell Douglas MD-11

Sidenote #1: FedEx does not operate passenger airplanes. Since there are and have been no production or conversion examples of an A320 freighter. The A320P2F and A321P2F programs exist, but those aircraft aren’t entering service until 2018

Sidenote #2: FedEx doesn’t operate Airbus A330-200F or Airbus A330P2F


That may mean it was a part of the project idk

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Ok maybe but I was sure

They do not own an A320 Family aircraft, are you sure you didn’t see a B757?

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Yeah I guess that could be confused with a Airbus aircaft as its the closest plane to one

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We already have the C208 and the 777F

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sorry but no. FedEx has no orders for this P2F program, there is absolutely no reason why any hypothetical prototype (of which there is none from my knowledge)would be painted up in the FedEx livery.

I think your best bet would be what Ryan Vince said, a 752, or what multiple others have said, an A310.

This isn’t IF related, this is discussing the real world

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Oh, sorry. I didn’t know.

wow, never really relised the A310 was so short for a Widebody Aircraft!! I thought it had been photoshopped to start with!


Yeah, it’s like an A320 which they decided to widen up a lot.

well tbh I think the A320 was the slimmed down “size o” of the A310 rather than the other way around… ;)