My second favourite aircraft after the A320 family is the 777. Especially the freighter variant as I think is is under used and is really cool. So yesterday I decided to take it for a spin from KSFO to KLAX please don’t @ BigBert10 😊. Below are some pictures. Departure from San Francisco was runway 28L and landing runway at KLAX was 25L.

Server: Expert
Time: 1hr flight
Route: KSFO → KLAX

Picture of the coast after departing runway 28L.

Wing view with San Francisco in the distance.

Another wing view over some terrain. I am unsure myself where I was but I think it looks nice.

Finally landed at KLAX runway 25L.

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Thanks! ☺️


Nice photos. The 777F is my favourite aircraft. FedEx is a cool airline. At the moment looking on Planefinder they have 20 777F’s flying.

P.s. Can’t wait for the rework.

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Sadly we’re gonna have to wait longer as the 772-ER will be the only one being reworked. The 77F, 77LR, and 773-ER will have ti wait a few weeks/months.

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Yeah I know that. Still looking forward to it tho.

Hopefully I’ll have my patience, might be hard because I fly the 77F with FDXVA.

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Awesome shots. As a FedEx employee though, i am pretty sure they do not fly that route. There is a hub in Oakland that would have flights to KSFO and KLAX but not between. At least not normally scheduled.

A little imagination doesn’t hurt :)

Did not know you were a employee 👍

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Yeah i was going to add that , thats what a simulator is for though haha. Safe flying


Nice pictures @Ondrej

Lovely shots once again @Ondrej!

Thanks all!

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I really am exited for the 777F rework

Same here 😜