FedEx 777 Tokyo to Anchorage!

Hey guys!

Today, I attended the Tokyo Mega Event thing hosted by the regulars, created by @Thunderbolt. It was an amazing event and a great flight! I don’t like to blabber much on my screenshot topics, so here are the pics! Also, I flew this flight at sunrise, but the pics are at noon so you can see the aircraft 🙃

A busy Tokyo Haneda airport prepares for all of their departures (shoutout to @Rian16 for the ATC service!)

Rotation from 16R as other aircraft taxi or hold short.

We continue to climb as a t h I c c Mount Fuji towers over the world’s largest city.

Just a lonely 777 with four hours to go until he reaches land.

Land ho! Alaska’s west coast is beautiful! (as is the rest of it!)

Here we see rare footage of the great 3D split. RIP mountains, lol, as we continue past sixty degrees latitude. Still breathtakingly beautiful tho.

On final with gear down over Fire Island as a company MD-11 is seconds from a buttery touchdown

Exiting the runway via Golf as said company MD-11 almost taxies to a ramp made for Dash 8-100s 😂

The FedEx gang at the North Cargo Ramp. Good to see it busy. Shoutout to @Joseph.Barnett (the company MD-11 whom I spoke about earlier) and @Infinite_Qantas who’s just there to look pretty for the shot :)

Shutdown checklist complete as the company MD-11 lines up at his gate.

Thanks for looking at my photos! Please let me know which was your favorite! I plan to post a lot more in the #screenshots-and-videos category.

Now go and lift some weights or something. Stay active during this whole q u a r a n t I n e deal. You can do it! 💪

Until next time!


That first pic isn’t close to the amount of traffic they had total. It was great!


Beautiful shots! Cargo flights are underrated!


Nice shoots

Great pics. Anchorage is one of the largest airports for cargo. I’ve been to PANC 4 times and I love seeing all the 747F’s all lined up going to Asia.


Amazing pictures there mate, was a pleasure to control at Narita:)


Best airline ever. Great photos!

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Nice photos. I can see me in picture 2 in LHC 777F taxiing to the runway 😃

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Great pictures 👏 👏

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Thanks for the shoutout, and I did almost completely forget where the FedEx cargo terminal was at PANC.

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Hey look it’s me

Cool shots too!


@cptlogue @RitzRegis @AviatorGamerYT @JerseyAnt @NoahM @Gary_Crinnion @Pilot_B @Rian16 Thank you! :)


Amazing! 🔥

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Thank you! :)

I’ve flown into PANC many times before and it’s just such a unique airport. Regardless what direction you land your always going to encounter breathtaking views out the window.

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Thank you!

Just, whatever you do, DO NOT LAND ON THE 25s.

Thanks! 😂


Agreed. Just started doing more cargo routes since I can’t find a lot of passenger routes in FlightRadar24