FedEx 777 "Panda Express" livery

Hello all! I have recently come to realize that IF does not have to many liveries for FedEx, and yes I know that FedEX is a cargo airline, so they don’t have all kinds of liveries. But with that being said, there is one livery I would love to see them add for the B77F. That livery is the FedEx Panda Express!

Now tell me, why would you not want a panda on your airplane?? FedEX made the Panda Express livery when they started to transport, well… Pandas! FedEx has a big role in transporting Panda bears to and from China, One of the most iconic being Bao Bao the giant panda who was transported from washing D.C to China. I think this added livery will give the cargo aspect of the game a new opportunity to explore the world. So hey, if you have a free vote why not vote for this livery!!

  • FedEx Panda Express Livery?

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U have my vote on this one :)



I already requested this livery some months ago, idk if we should continue voting this one


Duplicate. Please continue in the thread above