FedEx 767

Now that FedEx will be receiving a total of 100(!) 767-300F deliveries, they are becoming one of the most significant operators of the airplane. Since they are to become significant, why not recognize that in IF?

Huge thank you to FX for helping keep the 767 line open for at least another decade and huge thank you to the devs if they add in an FX 767!

Note: Pls. make sure that it doesn’t have winglets. The FX 763Fs with winglets are leased from LAN and are therefore not owned by FedEx.


The 777F is a similar aircraft, so it would be pointless to add that livery.

Read what I wrote instead of just reading the title.

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Anyway, I would disagree unless the 767-300F is added fully.

Hey if it I’d take a couple 767-200F/-300F liveries any day.

you definitely have my vote :)


Got my vote. There’s a need for more freighters.

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We need a lot more freighters. Would be nice to see more FedEx planes

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Hey @Jeremy_H here is the 767 feature request. ;)

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Just found the FedEx livery option in the 767 rework request. 🙂

Even better.

Definitely a great request. Passenger pilots won’t understand.

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A picture would be nice 🙂😉

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@J2S this post is nearly 4 years old. 🤷🏼‍♂️

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