Fedex 757-200F


I am aware there were 2 topics about this, but they have both been closed.
The Fedex 757 is an iconic plane. It can land at shorter runways. This livery would be great if they added it when the 757 gets reworked. This would also add the the 757 cargo planes, as we don’t have many at the moment. Fedex is one of my favorite carriers and personally the 757 is my favorite plane. I believe that this plane could land at remote places, Not as remote as the 208 but still pretty remote. It could be used for flights to Hawaii, Alaska, North Canada, The Island hopper (Jeb Brooks) and much more!

  • We should have this!
  • Eh, Maybe?
  • No thanks :)

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Tell us more why you want this livery.

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Working on that.

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Ok cool, love to hear that.

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If you need anymore information just let me know.

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U have my vote @theelevatorkey.

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Thanks! Have a great day!

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You too hope u get the livery!!

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