FedEx 228 -- Seattle to Los Angeles, to Seattle

Today I did a flight from KSEA to KLAX, then back to Seattle operating under the flight number FedEx 228. Operating with the Boeing 777F, my total flight time was 4 hrs. on the spot. Some incredible winds made my first leg down to LAX only 1 hr. 30 min. But those ‘incredible winds’ kicked my butt on the way back up, making that leg 2 hrs. 30 min. I took a couple photos on the way, hope you like them!

Taking off from Seattle and retracting my landing gear. Picture was taken at the very end of Rnwy. 34R

This next photograph was right at touchdown for Rnwy. 25L at Los Angeles taken with the cargo apron in the background

Rotating back out of Los Angeles, taken right by the FBO and the beautiful Angeles National Forest completing the photo

Finally arrived in Seattle, unloading the cargo at the apron.

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Flight Info.

Aircraft: Boeing 777F
Flt. Path: KSEA – KLAX – KSEA
Flight Time: 4 hrs.
Server: Training


nice FedEd shots


My favorite was #2. Looks like a buttered landing to me :)


Love the shot, especially the fourth one 😍😍🥰


These pics are awesome!

FedEd is such a cool livery especially on the 777


stop steling my pun!111!!1

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Starting off the S&V topic with an absolute banger! Fantastic shot you got there!

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KSEA has got to be my favorite airport.

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Same with me. Especially with the 3d buildings

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irl too. Especially coming in with the view of Mt Rainer nothing beats that.

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