February 2022 IFC Spotting Competition (FINALS, VOTE NOW!)

Hello IFC, and welcome to the February 2022 Spotting Competition! These are really popular, and also very fun, so I’ve decided to create my own competition.

Event rules and format :

  • This competition is in the 2 loss elimination format. That means that if you lose two times, then you are out of the competition. The last person standing wins!
  • Each voting period will last for 24 hours, I will try to have 1 round per day.
  • All photos must be your own. Edits are allowed, but please don’t over edit the photo.
  • You are allowed to submit any plane or type of photo that you’d like.
  • The photo must have decent quality, please don’t send in any blurry photos.

How to enter the competition :

  • Entries will be open until January 31st, and the competition will start on February 1st.
  • To enter, simply send me a PM telling me that you’d like to participate, and with a photo. If you’d like, you can send me multiple to make it easier for the following rounds.



Let’s make this a fun competition!


Quick bump to this. Let’s make this a huge competition!

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sign me up

I think coming off the heels of an already massive spotting competition last month, some people want to take a break.

Events aren’t as exciting when they happen too often, so don’t be surprised if there aren’t as many sign-ups 🤷


I don’t really see the point of this reply. I’m not forcing people to sign up, I’m just recommending to as I want to make this a fun competition for the IFC. I understand where you’re coming from though.


Please send me a PM with your photo.

I have to agree here. I don’t see anything wrong encouraging people to sign-up.

The only thing the competitions want is just fun, no being boring due to “a competition next to another competition” or whatever it is.

Anyways, I cannot join, but definetly enjoy voting :)

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Nothing wrong with wanting a fun competition whether it’s close to another one or not.

I’m in!

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Thanks so much! Please send me a DM of your photo 😁


@Kirito_77 that is quite not the thing to say.

I have made a comprehensive flowchart to help you understand

Here, let’s put this flowchart in action.

Did you see this topic?
Are you a regular?
Ok it doesn’t matter, behave like anyone else
Is this topic allowed?
Do you like it?
It doesn’t seem like it

Then go to another topic.

They can do whatever they want, nobody is forced to join.

Thank you, and have a nice week :)


I went planespotting at KFRG yesterday hopefully I will go planespotting at KJFK and get some good shots there


Nice! Can’t wait to see your shots 😊

Id sign up for my revenge but i got my camera stolen so I have no new pictures


If you have more like this you should definitely join @Moritz 🥵

But what am I asking? I know you have way better shots ^^


Dang, if you still want to join you’re more than welcome to :)

Consider yourself lucky 😜

These are the type of shots that limit me entering these competitions

I wouldn’t consider losing a 25 thousand dollar camera lucky or well not losing it but getting it stolen

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This whole post is created as if it were ‘dumbed down’ for a ‘lesser’ person, while you simultaneously ask him not to treat people differently. Hypocritical don’t you think?


All I’m trying to do is create a fun spotting competition for the community and everyone is arguing 😂