February 2018 GeminiJets New Releases

Hi y’all! As some of you know, the February 2018 GeminiJets new releases have been announced, and I want to give you my opinions on them! So without further ado, here they are.

GeminiJets 1:200

  • Aero California DC-9-14
  • Air Canada A330-300
  • American Airlines 737 MAX 8
  • American Airlines 737-800 Reno Air Heritage Livery
  • British Airways Concorde
  • Copa Airlines E190
  • QantasLink Dash-8 Q400
  • Silver Air SF-340
  • US Air Force/New Jersey Air National Guard KC-135R

These are some solid additions, but the ones that stand out to me are the Air Canada A330-300, and the American Airlines 737 MAX 8. The demand will definitely be high for the British Airways Concorde, as it is extremely sought after and appreciated.

GeminiJets 1:400

  • Alaska Airlines/Skywest Airlines E175
  • American Airlines A319
  • China Southern SF-340
  • Interjet A321
  • Qatar Cargo 747-8F
  • United Airlines “Friendship” 747-400

These are extremely good models that I’ve been wanting for a while. I will definitely be getting the SkyWest E175 and the United “Friendship” 747-400.

GeminiJets 1:400MACS

  • Arizona KC-135R

Nice model, I may get it, but I’d like more MACS models released. Way too little military aircraft.

February’s releases are extremely needed in the GeminiJets fleet. I’m extremely excited to see the Friendship 747-400, as well as the Alaska E175. Hopefully next months releases are equally as exciting!

Source: GeminiJets Online - New Releases

Tell me what you think about these releases, and which ones you may get!


Air Canada A330 is definitely a valid option!

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I saw this this morning on Instagram. Lots of good ones in this release! My favorites are the 1:200 American 737s and the Silver 340. I’m really happy that they’re bringing the Q400 mold back, as they haven’t made a new model of it in a while. I’m also excited about the Saab 340 mold, I might even purchase it for my collection.


Wow, this month is really great! I’m definitely getting the Alaska E175, and I might get the American A319 later.

I love the Alaska E-175! Gorgeous!

Cool, I might get the Q400 QF. Looks nice

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I need the 747 Friendship livery NOW


I wish they used the new livery on the QantasLink Q400. Thanks for posting ;)

You all are definitely right! There are a lot of great release coming in February. The friendship, Air Canada, and Alaska are all models that I would love at my model airport and in my model row.

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Ooh, very exciting. Also, you should keep making these topics when there are new releases, this is pretty cool.

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I will! This was fun! Next time, I’ll incorporate the pictures into links like this

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Some of the pictures of the actual models have been released:










(Credit to Gemini Jets Instagram)


Think I’m going to get the Alaska ERJ. Looks beautiful!

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Purchasing the UA 747 tonight can’t wait for me to get it!

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Haven’t purchased any GeminiJets (I know, I know…) but what scale is the most common? I was planning on 1:400 but wasn’t sure.

1:400 is most common and cheaper, but 1;200 is more realistic, but more expensive. I collect 1:200.


A mixture of both might be your best bet. Collections with mostly 1:400 and a few 1:200 for larger aircraft/special liveries seem to look the best.


Getting the Alaska, American and maybe he UA 747

Hey we’re can I get Gemini jets

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