FEB 3 1530Z | Group Flight | Boeing Field to Port Townsend! [Canceled]

Welcome to my third ever event on Infinite Flight! I hope you’ll join me as we fly from Seattle’s Boeing Field airport (KBFI) on a short hop to Port Townsend (0S9) during sunrise. This will make for exceptional views of the Olympic mountains and all the bays, islands, inlets, and whatever more the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer!

February 3, 2024.
Expert server
1530Z (7:30 AM Pacific) (STARTING UP FOR TAXI AT 1530Z)
Group Flight (VFR)
EFT: 25 minutes
Aircraft: Cessna 172 only

On this group flight we will be flying VFR, but to add to some realism, I have made this little chart to reference by:

Please follow this as best you can for best flow!

Other notes:
We will be flying at FL025 (2,500 ft)
Speed at your discretion

As for where you should spawn, please spawn at the Signature FBO on the east side of the airport at BFI, at 0S9 you can park anywhere except for the hangars, please do mind that the aircraft will be very close so do not clip wings!

Not many rules:

-If ATC is not present use unicom correctly
-Please keep a fair distance away from others
-We will be starting our engines at exactly 1530Z, anyone who starts earlier misses out on the fun of the group flight, please spawn ~5 minutes before start up time
-Do not file a flight plan, we are flying VFR
-Have fun!

KBFI Ground:
KBFI Tower:
No DEP/APP or center frequencies needed.

Please RSVP down here to let me know if you’re coming!

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Hello @RedWolf, would you like gate assignments?

If yes, feel free to PM me and I’ll see if I can get them down for you.

I know how to do that.

It’s not needed for this event, you’re simply just supposed to spawn at the Signature FBO.

Alright, no worries!

I don’t have a mobile device with me right now so do you know how much capacity the airport has?

There’s about 13 spots at the FBO. Some of them are listed as “Business Air” but it’s actually for Signature. If there’s more than 13 signups (which I doubt there will be) I’ll add gate assignments and include the Modern Aviation FBO for backup.

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Alright, got it! Thanks!

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Sign me up!

If you’ve RSVPd you’e in!



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👆Hoping we can get some more people coming to Port Townsend! 👆

Kinda quiet over here…

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Can the 3 people who are actually going still attend? 😅

  • Yes
  • No
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@Prestoni @Lufthansa1

Ya know, not much people attending this one but all I care about is a fun flight over to Port Townsend, I’m still gonna fly the route even if no one comes 😂. But thanks to the other 2 attendees joining me!

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Guys go join!

Can I join this route later at like 1930 Zulu is that possible?

No one is gonna be flying at that time. So either 1530z or nothing.

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Sorry I can’t attend anymore after an grade 3 violation struck me

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@Prestoni thinking of canceling due to a lack of people. Will that inconvenience you at all?

Event is now cancelled