Features Vote Problem


I just removed a vote to get a vote for a different feature. But it still says that I have reached the limit.
I am TL2 (Member) and to the best of my knowledge, the limit is 10 votes. But since I removed one, I only have 9 active votes at the moment. This would mean that I have 1 vote left. Apparently this is not the case.
Did I miss something or is this a bug?

I’ve now found a solution, to conclude this topic and help other users, who might have the same problem.
In the initial situation I had 9 active votes, but approx. 6 inactive votes on topics that have already been closed. To get the missing vote back, I had to remove all of my votes from the already closed feature topics. Then I was able to use the 10th vote again. As far as I can remember, this procedure was not previously necessary, hence why I technically had a total of 15 votes.

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