Features topic doesn't show topic updates after 22 January 2017

I got TL2 today, so I made a topic. Ever since 22 January, I haven’t seen any new activity in the Features section and I thought no one had a new request. But after I made the topic, I couldn’t find it in the list of latest features topics. Could the mods or the staff help me?

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The most liked features will appear at the top(set by philippe)


Philippe decided to change the default ordering of the #features category as explained in the topic below.

We’re still able to look up for your feature request, don’t worry. :)


I said that I couldn’t find it in the latest topics list. In fact, everything after 22 January didn’t show up.

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Because when you filter to show only #features it’s already in Latest by default, philippe made it so that you only see the most liked features by default


Read the topic I linked and you’ll understand. All topics will appear there, but the most liked ones will come out first. :)


The default is used so the devs can know which one the community wants ;)

I solved it by going to features, then clicking latest, then clicking activity.

But still, shouldn’t topics be sorted by last reply in it so that all topics will get a fair share of replies?