Features Request Made Inside a Thread (IFC Features Request)

Hello All,

I have a request for the IFC as I have seen with the 777 and the 757 updates a slew of new features request. So here is my idea if this would be possible if we had pinned messages to the top of the 757 Rework page where the features request could be listed and people can vote within the thread. This would eliminate all of the threads being made/duplicates.

Let me here your input this may not even be possible but still thought it would be cool to bring up.


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I’m kinda confused, this just sounds like if you swooped up the #features category and plopped it into a random thread


Say for instance the 757 Rework Thread

When this features request was originally made. All of the liveries etc for that plane could be listed at the top of the thread where people can vote for what they want.

Not exactly, since some people still can’t read.


True I guess but it would just refer them to the main thread.

There’s a search bar for a reason.

You are obviously not getting my point.

Im asking:

I understand that there is a search bar. Im asking would yall think it would be useful to have this on threads.

No, it would be a hassle when people could just use the

search bar.

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I don’t want this to turn into a conflict. There’s already enough points that it is not necessary to stamp the livery requests into the thread. I understand it is for convenience but the features we have on Discourse are enough to avoid the duplication conflicts. This is why people need to read the community guidelines but they seem to don’t care about it although it is important to do so, I mean, C’mon there’s even a badge to reward them for reading it!

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Thanks for the input. We have to work within the limitation of discourse and the existing processes. We will keep this in mind if any future changes are made.