Features/Meta category

who were thinks that there should be a #Features/Meta category in the IFC?

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The is already a #features and #meta category here :)


Not sure what you mean there, there is a #features category and a #meta one

Really? because I do not see it

Hello, I understand what your inquiring about. Unfortunately the Infinite Flight forum cannot make additions that have not yet been added to Discourse itself. The actual company has to make features and from there this forum (or staff) can decide whether or not they want it on here.

ok then, i get it @infiniteflight_17

@German_Pilot @Cpt_Zorndy he means a category that’s for requesting features on the forum. So basically he wants a #features category for #meta.


that is right! @Jack

Anyways, you can request forum features on #meta, but because this is run by discourse, it may be hard for some features to be added.

I will change it right now

If you have something specific in mind I would suggest heading over to discourse’s community forum. I’m pretty sure they actually have a category for it.

I myself have thought of this a couple times, and I think it would be nice.

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Well remember there is only limited things we can do as this community is run through Discourse and also it probably wouldn’t be that good to have a #features #meta topic as only a few ideas are pitched forward.

The reason the #features has its own category is because there millions of things that could be added to the game opposed to a #features #meta

Infinite Flight Community is running on a platform called Discourse. We can’t decide what features they’re adding so there’s no point in having a category for it here on the IF :)