Features Category Default Ordering

Following up on a conversation about improving our forum, we are experimenting with a small change to the #features category:

Topics inside the #features category are now ordered by the number of Likes on the first post which gives a better view on the top things the community is interested about.

The goal here is to encourage ppl to Like existing features instead of creating new feature requests to see them at the top.

The home page will still show topics in every category ordered by activity so ppl will still have a chance to see new Feature requests.

Make sure to always search before posting a new feature request and avoid spamming.


I have seen some liking the post in which the picture is posted instead of the topic, please like the 1st post!

Nice change!


This should probably also help you guys get a clearer picture of what the community as a whole really wants the most, rather than having to stifle through what quite honestly was a bit of a mess. An interesting and hopefully beneficial change, I’m glad to see that something has been done about this.


Great idea. Puts some order in this place.

We could already sort by likes (manually); I think this is a bit better since it focuses Likes on the topic first post. Being able to change the default ordering of categories is a pretty new forum feature so this is why we couldn’t do it before.


Woo, then maybe this way, developers will be able to see the requests that the community mostly wants?

We already do; we usually pick features from the top 20 but also based on what we can do technically at the moment in a reasonable amount of time. Features take time to implement, so one that was at the top when we picked it might not be there anymore by the time we release it giving you the illusion that the community didn’t request it.


I’m not sure if this is a problem on my side, but I can’t seem to find my topic there

If it was there it would be somewhere between the Wing Flex and Etihad 789 request

I guess its a problem on your side. I see it correctly placed as you said


@Flying-Switzerland just like the topic.


Nice idea!

this just had a look and surprisingly works well. I think it will be better for newer users too.

Yes it will.


Thanks a lot philippe

Current ranking

Much needed change. Hopefully this will organize the feature request a lot more.

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Thank you so much! We’ve needed this for so long.

Clearing up a bit…

Maybe this will emphasize the importance of voting for a feature you want. Now, nobody can complain if a feature they wanted wasn’t added if they didn’t vote, because they had a chance to vote for it.

I like the new feature ordering system however people now can’t post features? There is an error 500 message.