Features and Votes - Discussion

We get many feature requests a day by the community and not all feature requests will be implemented which is understandable. The new voting system allows you to have 10 votes arguably, (I say this because I currently have 5 and it says that Im maxed out). Although the new system does limit your ability to support features you like, it does provide an interesting situation that asks:

  1. What feature is important to you?
  2. How do you decide? What sways your choices?
  3. How many votes does a feature need to catch the developers attention and intrigue for implementation?

I am currently thinking about where to put my votes.

The purpose of this thread is to get some discussion going about the questions above.


That’s what this topic is for.

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based on the comments I have read in that thread, I dont believe that topic serves the same purpose.

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Please continue in that topic.