Features and Suggestions

I see people are posting about their new features (which they want) into Infinite flight , is this allowed here?
Or should it be directed to “http://feedback.flyingdevstudio.com/”?

Pretty much takes all attention from :) useful posts ;)

I think it should be directed at http://feedback.flyingdevstudio.com as that is what the website was made for,


There is a “Features” category. I don’t know why nobody sees it, maybe they just don’t know? A lot of people post their suggestions in General…

You can post it on the feedback page and make a post here with a link to have a discussion about it; or just post it here in the “feature” category.

The problem with the feedback page is that we get a lot of duplicates and ppl simply don’t post meaningful stuff. We want to transition to using the widget instead (the one you can see embedded here) and using this forum more so we can have better feature discussions.

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It’s a great widget! Intend to update it anytime soon?