Featured commercial planes going to Oshkosh 2022

I’m going to Oshkosh 2022, and I’m not sure what planes are going this year I looked at the schedule and I only see the a330 any other commercial ones?

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I’ll be going in a c17 for demos each day at 10am Central on the casual server.

I think he means in real life

Ohhhh. I don’t know about that.

Yea I mean irl

If you saw the special United airlines Flyover with their 777 that was there. They were just showing off cause Delta did one and United wanted to be better.

Hey y’all I was at osh kosh 2

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yea i saw that

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American flew a A321 Shuttle flight from Ohare

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Did you love the F-35? Gotta love the US Air Force!!!

It was a static display and nobody could go in it. Pretty sad compared to the Delta Display lol.

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Nasty airline

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I would say not so much the pilots and the mechanics there’s some of the best in the world especially since I want to be a pilot for them but yeah totally customer service and the flight attendants are terrible on American

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