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Hello all pilots… I have a question, will KSFO be ATC active all days this week?

Thank you.


Yes, KSFO is featured all week

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Thank you brother

According to the ATC Schedule pinned by Tyler Shelton, San Francisco Int’l is featured for the next 6 days on the Expert Server.

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Perfect! Thank you so much

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BTW that doesn’t mean it will be open all the time - IFATC have lives too - it will be open as much as possible.


Thanks for making sure to clear that up; that’s just great initiative on your part 👍

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Is that with me ? Haha

Please also keep in mind that normally, the airport of the week is closed on Fridays due to FNF. However, as this week’s schedule is dedicated towards the 5th anniversary of live, I can’t say for sure whether KSFO will be open or not.

I know on FNF sessions is closed. I was asking for the other days of the week because I wasn’t sure.

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The ATC schedule isnt pinned for me

Doesn’t appear on the main menu?

@NBSYT Did you press “see new/updated topics”? Because it will show new/updated topics before pinned ones, and if there are a lot of topics, then it will get pushed down and you’ll have to scroll down.

No every time I open the app it refreshes automatically

Go to #atc and pin the topic.

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