Feature wishlist prioritised

Hi there,
This not a feature request, I’m just curious about how you would prioritise your 3 most desired features for future updates.
Here are my top 3:

  1. Full weather to include realistic clouds, precipitation, wake turbulence, etc.
  2. Improved taxiways to include taxiway lightning, signs and aircraft taxi lights, taxi route instructions added to ground ATC. After all it is pretty boring the only command with ground atc once landed is to taxi to parking.
  3. Aircraft wear and tear
    So what is your top 3?
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  1. Weather Like you said
  2. Brighter aircraft lights to reflect the real thing
  3. Better ground lights, taxiways, runways, etc

I have one but it is big and will probably never or not happen for a long time but, airport buildings and realistic scenery.


For me, Weather. Honestly, I’m fine with controlling ground and telling people just to go to parking, but I see what you mean. If I want to make it more interesting though, I tell them to expect progressive taxi instructions, and just tell them to for left, or go right, things like that. But yeah, I do wish that the airport maps had taxiway names on them, that would be real cool…

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Your probably right about that never happening, sadly. Honestly though, I would be fine with just 3D airports, and no 3D buildings (cities). As long as the airports were as realistic as they could possible be…


Airport Buildings are in development, but probably wont be implemented until Project Metal is complete


Plus I don’t think any device would be suitable for realistic scenery

That’s pretty true

  1. MD-80 and DC-9 come to IF.

  2. Clouds, rain, and better lighting (environment update).

  3. Scenery north of 60 (Alaska, Norway, etc).

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  1. 757 Rework
  2. Clouds
  3. Weather

Wake turbulence definitely, I would go onto casual in a c172 and takeoff behind an a380

  1. Improved environment (clouds, precipitation, lighting, etc)

  2. Improved ground details (higher resolution satilite imagery, better typography, 3D buildings, etc)

  3. Streamlined fleet (bring all aircraft up to par with the 777 [and keep it that way])

  1. Taxiway lights
  2. A340 rework + maybe some other aircraft such as the 767
  3. Realistic weather
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1.Path terminators

2.FMS and other systems(hydraulics,fuel,air conditioning…)

3.Better physics.

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I’m waiting on project metal for those clouds and I can’t wait for precipitation.

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It would be really nice in the far future to have supercells with like the rotating mesocyclone.

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Here are my top three features!

  1. C-17/F-18 Rework.(Literally the worst aircrafts in IF)
  2. Improved lighting(Light reflections, brighter lights, etc).
  3. Topography for 60th parallel north and above.
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1: Better airports (lighting, buildings, terminals)
2: Better lighting (Taxi lights/landing lights that actually work, City lights)
3: Twin props

Low clouds and shared cockpit are honorable mentions for sure tho

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1.) 757/767 rework. They need it!!
2.) CSeries added.
3.) DC-9 family addition/rework


Ok, here’s the list.

  • 1: DC-9
  • 2: MD-80
  • 3: MD-90
  • 1,000,000: A220