Feature to tell aircraft they are inbound for landing on the wrong runway

Hello, all. As a frequent controller on the level 2 server, I noticed the need for a new command for controllers. Many incoming aircraft that are inbound to airports with multiple runways are cleared to land on one but as they make their approach its clear and very obvious that they are going to land on the wrong runway. I know fi they do this on purpose there isn’t anything anyone can do but many people who do this seem like they landed on the wrong runway because of a mistake. In conclusion, maybe a “warning, you are approaching a runway that you are not cleared for” message would be very helpful in ensuring all pilots are cooperating with ATC from entering final to touchdown.


Is this a feature for adding a warning message for landing on the wrong runway? I could see that, useful when they aren’t paying attention.

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yes, that is exactly what I am proposing.