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There are hundreds of feature requests but honestly how many of these were implemented into the game? I see thousands of votes and idk if anything was implemented what do devs do with these features??

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The developers pick features that bring more variety and actually improve the simulator. They do indeed listen and evaluate our votes. I’m sure they have a good process in discussing and figuring out which features they should work on to improve the simulator.


The features implemented into the sim don’t always have the most votes. It’s community driven but not community lead.

Building off of what was said above, there’s most likely a lot of cool features in the works currently, but behind the scenes. The devs want to make sure that everything is perfect before releasing new features.

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When was the last time something was implemented off a feature @ItsBlitz and @Drummer ?

The last update was the last time. The 757 was a long awaited feature request that got added in. That is just one of the many

Uhhh B757 rework, Terminal buildings!?

Every update introduces and community requested feature.

Another main factor is making these updates work so that it doesn’t lower the speed of your device or in other words doesn’t make the simulator lag, crash, etc. each update is made to the best of its ability. Some things can’t be implemented till the future of the game because it just won’t work in the game at the moment.

Ohh ok didnt know that was a request well good to know that they listen ty to u too blitz

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Almost every update packs in some feature requests taken from the forum. Coming up next (which we know for sure) is the new JetBlue livery, and the A330 rework!

I’ll list a few from the last year:

  • 20.03: B757-200
  • 20.02: Reworked B777 family and drone cameras (which again, wasn’t a specific feature request but many people wanted more options for interior and exterior views.)
  • 20.01: VNAV, SIDs and STARs, realistic airspaces, B737 rework

The most “historic” of all though, in my personal opinion, was the A350, way back in 2019. Along with live cockpits. I remember people really clamouring after that!

As Misha once said:

“We are community-driven, not community lead. Whilst the input of forum votes and the community is encouraged and welcomed, it is our decision what features are included in the simulator, liveries included.” - Misha (Community Manager) → Linked Here

I have no more likes for the day so ty for informing me :)

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