Feature requests and our votes.

We’ve got a lot of new functionality we like to see in IF in the future. We can request features and give them our votes. I suspect developers review feature requests and check the number of votes each requests has. Our votes are limited, so choices need to be made.

In #features you can view all request, and you can sort them by the number of votes. I did this today, and the screenshot below shows the current top 9 requests.

My call-out for today is: are your votes where you want them to be?
Go to the features section and sort by votes. Is this what you want the top feature requests to look like? Perhaps time to move some of your votes?

P.S. I do not know how you can see the features you voted for. Anyone?

I’m curious to see what the above lists looks like in a month or so…


It should be a category in the activity section of your profile

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And also, the votes under the topic name should be in bold if you voted for it.


Isn’t it in the activity category in your own profile where you can see all the items you have voted?

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Alright guys. We’ve stated the exact same thing at least 3 times. Please move on.


Ok sorry deleted my one so there are two.


Since I was a regular before do I get to keep the votes I made back then?

Has anybody added up the votes for ‘Taxiway lights’ and ‘Improve airport and ground lights’ yet?

Your votes remain there until you remove them. You will have to remove all of the votes you gained whilst you were regular before you could vote again.

Between all 50 threads for each, you mean?

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Looks good to me! Hoping for an A332 lol

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