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I’m new here and can’t start a topic in features, so hoping a mod can move this to that section.

When inbound to an airfield that only has tower active, you can request landing without specifying a runway, just announce inbound and tower can assign a runway.

I think it would be a good idea to have the same option when contacting approach, if active.

In other words, contact approach for landing, and have approach assign the runway.


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I think you have to be TL2 (Member) to post in features. Just keep on reading and contributing to the community and soon enough you’ll be a member… :-)


You are currently a basic user, (TL1). To post a feature request, you need to be a member (TL2) or above. To become a member, continue to be active by, liking posts, reading topics, etc. and you will get promoted before you know it. Once you become a member, not only will you be able to make feature requests, you’ll be able to post in the events category and virtual airline category.
Welcome and enjoy your stay on the forums :).


Like @Mr_Jetstar mentioned earlier, You cant post at #features section at the moment as you are still a Basic User. Just read more posts, reply in a good manner, give some likes, and post productive topics in order to reach Member TL. In addition, You can also get access to make #real-world-aviation , #live:va (With Permission from IFVARB), and #live:events . Thanks 😊


Yes, I get that. Maybe one of you that CAN post on features suggest this?

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Guys we only need one guy to say it…