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Hello all!

I was scrolling through the #features checking out some popular requests and I realized… they are all bigger requests. This means stuff like taxiway lights, an aircraft rework, or new aircraft. This is good and all, as the community wants these additions.

What ends up happening though, is that other features get hidden by these incredibly popular aircraft requests. Features like liveries, smaller changes like the ability to change the brightness of displays or ATC features.

Here is what I mean. See how you can use tags to help you sort the #live:events category into the different types of events, or how the ATC schedule has its own tag?

See this image:

I’m proposing that we implement tags as a way to make the #features a neater place and to shine light on the wide variety of feature requests, some that may not be seen by many who aren’t digging around the forum.

These tags would be (and are subject to change):

- Aircraft
- Rework
- Livery
- Miscellaneous

With the implementation of these tags, I’d be able to see the most requested livery or the most requested ATC feature without scrolling through multitudes of topics looking for a livery request. In addition, it’s expected that liveries won’t get as many votes as larger requests, so this allows staff to see some of the more requested “smaller” requests.

Let me know what you think of this implementation! I think it’ll create a lot of positive opportunities for those looking to make a feature request, and also allow community members and staff to view the top requests for multiple categories.

Thanks, and have a good day/evening!


We were having some internal discussions about this as recently as a few hours ago. Not specifically about this, but about tags in general.

@MrMrMan suggested something similar a few months back if I’m not mistaken, but it was bit too early at that point.

This might be a thing we’ll do in a not too distant future :)


I admire this idea. The organization of features that are requested is some sort of a mess, but with this tagging method, perhaps my OCD will be much happier. Really hope that this comes in due time.

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That’s good to hear! I’m glad it’s being taken into consideration, I can think of so many positives that would come from this.

I asked for this years ago and nothing happened

Mnah, tags are different. In a positive way in this situation :)
And the functionality of tags have greatly improved over the past couple of months, enabling us to do more things like this.

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Yeah, same idea. Tags weren’t even used back then.

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