Feature request requirements

I have “Basic”. What trust level I need to have for request features?


You need to be TL2 (member) or higher to post in the #features category. More information on this category can be found here: About the Features Category

Information on trust levels can also be found here: Trust Levels on the IFC

How to be TL2? And I’m TL1?

Since the IFC is a more active community, the default discourse trust level requirements are not the accurate requirements for reaching TL2. This is shown here:

The actual IFC trust level requirements are not shared. The main idea is to keep engaging and being an active and positive member in the community, and you’ll be promoted in no time :)

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Entering? I need to write? Or create 20 topics

You just need to enter them. Don’t think of it as just entering and getting it over with, the main point is to see and read different topics in order to gain a better understanding.

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Ok but what and how entering?

Each of these are topics. You simply tap to enter each one and read through them:

Ok! ( that aircalin 339 its a topic created by me )

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Please remember that the IFC requirements for TL2 are different and are not shared publicly…


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