[Feature Request] - Make custom title for all 3rd party devs

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##Some peoples here have make some great apps for Infinite Flight ;

  • carmalonso - LiveFlight Developer
  • lollip - Infinite Pilots
    and many others.

Some people have made “custom full names” to saying “xxx Developer”

####For all the work they’re do for Infinite Flight 3rd party app, i think all this devs deserve a title in this forum (like Regular or Staff) to thanks all those developpers for creating some good apps and encourage futures devs to make apps for Infinite Flight.

What do you think?


[quote=“grxninesix, post:1, topic:41687”]
What do you think?
[/quote]What good will it do?

Or, is this really needed?


Needed or not, its only a feature request, good or bad idea, each forum member have his own opinion.

Well Carson likes your idea so you’re off to a good start!
I think this is a good idea, it’s a way to give thanks to special contributors and also show who owns the project to those who may be in question.


More easly to tell assistance for the app also.

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If you use the app you should know the developer. They may not want to be promoted so much… :)

Well, 3rd party developers aren’t just people that create apps. They’re also contributors, like airport editors, navigation data editors, etc.

Similar to this, maybe?

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Similar but not the same :)

I see like this
your custom badges is for all community member who are in a “group” (VA, airport editors)
my “custom badges” idea is for the app developers, not community members … (for me we need to separate these 2 things in a different thread)

Airport editors, yes. VAs, no. I was thinking of making badges for the important people. Airport editors, 3rd party developers, navigation data editors, IFATC recruiters, and so forth.

VAs aren’t too important. :)

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I am alright with you in this case.
(i hope you will all obtain titles)

So after, some people want to be false-“airport editor” just to get the badge :) /!\

We remove people that aren’t active, so that won’t be an issue. :)

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