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Continuing on from Carson’s post:

I’d like to see sub-categories added to the features category. It would minimise clutter (help us organise) and we could mute topics we don’t want to hear from. There are many feature requests on the community so it would be helpful to have extra categories (and we could work together to recategorise and delete old requests). This could include:

  • Liveries
  • ATC Commands
  • Simulator Features
  • Commercial Aircraft
  • GA Aircraft
  • Military Aircraft
  • Other (these requests could stay in the main features category)

Regulars, feel free to add more if you think of any :-)


How about an additional features sub-topic? (Like Ground Airport Chart)

I personally love this idea, It’s easier to explore the requests if they split #Features to some sub-topics

Another great sub-category that could help us a lot. Didn’t think of that one.

Got one to add: fighters…

Too complicated.

I’d say just a liveries subcategory, everything else can stay as before


There’s still a lot of other requests hanging around if you just categorise liveries. And in the very odd case a feature request doesn’t fit into any of the sub-categories, it would just stay in features. And the moderators could adjust which trust levels can post in each features category.

👏👏👏 @dush19 great idea…

Two categories: Good Ideas and Bad Ideas. Regulars can decide on what goes where. Problem solved.

Yet you edited my idea. 😞

Sarcasm we wouldn’t actually use “random stuff”.

I just had an idea of maybe having a “Devices” category under #support, since people come here for advice on what technology they should buy. Or a pinned topic on recommended devices so we will be less cluttered by “What device should I get” topics. Thoughts?

Actually a topic asking what to buy shouldnt belong in Support. So it should be under General

Exactly, maybe the support guidelines wouldn’t apply to a “Technology” support category? It wouldn’t look nice under #general.

I would appreciate if the “real” features would be easier to find, but I think more then 3 Subcategories would make it to complicated.
It would be helpful if just the liveries an additional Aircraft requests will have own categories.
By example:

  • Liveries
  • Aircraft new&rework

maybe a third one like

  • ATC
  • interface

everything else in the major category.
If you see some kind of other topic floding the major category, you can still ad another sub…


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Personally I think the feature request we have right now it’s good and perfect and it’s can still like that until the Moderators could update and have new ideas.

People’s complaints about I didn’t fund and I didn’t know if it’s was an duplicate , so I could tell them only searches hardly before posting an feature request.


This would be a nice detail to have in IFC, it would look more organized.

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Resurfacing this topic due to the influx of new livery requests that flood #features. With the MD11 on the way, I predict that there will be many more livery requests. Adding a new subcategory would improve organization and keep liverys and actual feature requests separate. I’d love to hear other opinions on this.


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