Feature Request: Automatic promotion to basic user

A thread dominated by people wanting to contact recruiters. Another:

Most of these are TL0 users and cannot PM.

So my solution: Automatic promotion to TL1. Why? Because then they can contact recruiters and we aren’t left with this mess.

Thoughts please…


Good idea I would say…

I’d stay with the way it is right now because they should get to know the forum at least a little before they can PM anyone. Also posts by users that are TL0 that get flagged by a regular will get hidden immediately which is some extra security for our forum. This would be lost with this feature

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My suggestion is too keep this feature, this is allow more users to interact with the community (on their way in getting TL1).

@dush19 however there must be people signing up just to go for Advanced ATC; surely we’d rather have people who sign up to contribute in discussions? I mean I can easily read 10 posts and 5 topics in under 30s (my daily run through the features category.)

Maybe allow TL0s to PM others?


They could probably use the tutorials here so I say we keep it as it is

@Boeing707 the obvious answer, but I don’t think that can be enabled?

It can, the admins can personalize this forum according to their needs.

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Oh. Didn’t realize that. there is the answer then.

Guys if you’re a new user I think it is possible to PM it just doesn’t show up on other peoples profile. I think you need to go into your inbox and there will be a “new message” option.

In one of the multiple times I’ve requested a “duplicate topic” flag option, I was told that code has to be changed but it is possible. Why it hasn’t happened is a mystery to me, but since it works for flags, I suppose it could work for TLs.

Heck, the devs changed the TL requirements recently.

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There are only certain things customizable by the admins. Discourse devs could change the code but that isn’t an easy/quick thing since discourse software is so widely used now. Visit meta.discourse.org for questions with the forum software.

Regarding the OP, the limits to become a basic user could be decreased. See this post for details:


@AR_AR they could edit the code in the IF forum website only, but that would either:

  1. cost the devs money
  2. take ages
  3. might not be able to do it (not got the staff)

I dont get it i payed 5.99 and they dont even let me atc on advanced sever even tho im on grade 3 thats a rip-off


I think you got the wrong topic. This is to do with the forum. Have a look at this: