[FEATURE REQUEST] Alerts/Notifications

Since the introduction of 20.2 the inclusion of audible warnings for things such as overspeed have been of great help to those of us somewhat handicapped in the sighted department.

However, I wonder if there might be some consideration in the future to go a step further; namely, giving ATC the option to ping a warning to an aircraft before issuing a violation so that it triggers the same type of alert as an overspeed. In a busy airspace/airfield, it’s sometimes very easy to miss a command if all there is to notify you is the little headphone set icon flashing.

This is not an attempt to skirt the rules; they are there for a reason and we all respect that. Nor is this some sort of underhanded dig at the excellent controllers. However, it seems to me to be a common-sense feature which is currently in absentia

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Hmm It is a interesting concept, but it is definitely well thought out. Unfortunately this would be a better in #features as it is a features request. Unfortunately you appear to be a TL1 (basic user) and to post in #features you must be TL2 (member). Check this out on more info on trust levels :)


I know I don’t have a sufficient trust level to post it in the right place. That’s kinda why I made it clear in the subject as to what it is :p

Would you like me to make one for you so people can vote for it?

If you could, that would be awesome :)

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See above. You need to be at Trust Level 2 to post a feature request on the IFC :)