(Feature request) Add Regulations to Posting on "Community Members Spotted on Live"

About this big thread:

There’s a lot of photos, of unnecessary photos yes…

I mean “unnecessary” by

  • photos which we only see a name and 99% other are only color
  • photos which we only see a text

I will submit to take one rules for photos :

  • only post a photo if you catch at least 2 members on the same screenshot, and if you have multiple screenshot, only one name in one of them.
    Others photos may go in another thread for that.
    If you catch a single person, you have to be able to see its plane on the picture

This kind of restrictions would be nice.
Unlist actual topic and a mod create a new with the rules they decide, but it will surely save space for FDS who have to pay for restricted storage space.

Thanks for reading

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Couldn’t you just say that on the original thread? The idea could work.


Great idea @grxninesix3 , thank you for bring this to everyones attention. I think that we should close and remove the old thread and create an updated one , so we can free up the space within in the Discourse server !

Too complicated I’d say.

Just delete all the pictures and replaces older than a month, as @AR_AR suggested a while back. That would save loads of space.


So where regulating everything now?

Exactly, who told us to?

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No one, I think this post is just taking the hole regulating thing too far, like regulating a thread, is that really necessary?

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Even if you unlist, the pictures aren’t deleted.

Moreover if one doesn’t follow the rules, the picture is removed in the topic, but it’s actually stored in the server.

It’ll make things worse actually…

Another factor, moderation is very hard. No one scrolls through 1000 pictures.


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