Feature: Rankings according to hours

I was thinking the game would be great for multiplayer and solo if we can get a rank according to our flight hours (Captain-FO…) + if the sharing cockpit feature would be added so in a plane we will have a captain and a first officer it would be an amazing game and for sure it needs alot of time and more storage. But it’s a stunning idea right?!image

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The current grading system in IF has the following ranks;

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5

Changing this would result in a totally different and repetitive start. However you can vote for the feature in the post below that @Qantas094 has kindly linked.


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You could go vote for this topic as it seems like the same thing you are requesting.


No. Because I love to fly and are a good pilot, but don’t have enough time it’s not fair to have a bad rank

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