Feature: Offline support

Note: Will move to features soon

The issue

I would like to introduce a new idea that I think is most needed currently. At the moment IF requires internet connection to run the app. The only was to use IF without WiFi or continuous cellular usage is to load the flight and then put the app into airplane mode. This still requires about a minute of cellular data or WiFi to log in and load a solo flight. I think it is time IF users can fly offline solo.

The solution

I would like to propose a new feature that allows users to download certain aircraft, liveries and maps to fly offline. Obviously you cannot download the whole globe on most devices but, I think IF could develop a system similar to Google Maps’, where the user can select a certain area of the world to download and use offline. The user selects a square around the area and can select multiple regions. You will not be able to download new scenery, planes or use live servers in this mode. Because IF is a mobile app, it should be mobile friendly. Normally when I use IF, I am at home connected to WiFi. If I am at home using IF, then I might as well use Xplane or P3D, something the requires a powerful PC. The whole business model of IF is to rival full size PC flight simulators and less detailed mobile simulators and give the most realistic user experience on a tablet or phone. I feel IF could attract many more customers if they add this feature, allowing it to become a truly portable platform.

Please spread the word to the developers! I would like to hear your opinions below. Happy flying! :)

There are already several, similar requests for this. Make sure to search before posting;