Feature for PM

Is it possible to have a function for PM so we can see if the others on PM read our message? I got this idea from iMessage

The developers can’t edit this in. This is hosted by discourse and you would have to suggest this to them:)


What is it with people here wanting to know if people are online or reading their stuff. It’s like we have to know everything about each others’ actions on this forum…

I disable read receipts like many others I know. I don’t mind if this is added, but I sincerely hope it’s an option.


On discourse?

@dush19 I think on iMessage.

Whilst I don’t have too bad a problem with this, it would have to be an option for privacy matters, and it really sent a priority.

iMessage is what I mean

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You can check the “Seen” box on a user’s profile and draw conclusions.

That doesn’t mean they read your PM…

Shots fired XD

Actually even if they see the message and click on it there still is the possibility that they just don’t read it.

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You can also check the “view” description at the bottom of the PM. You get a view from every IP address that opens that message. So it should only have one view if you only viewed it on one device. Once the other person has seen it, it will show 2 views.

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If it’s from GitHub, no way. Currently no small plugins for discourse, like you’ve described.

Will just wait and see what we get from discourse.

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