Feature Category & Livery Request Changes

noice job very nice

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I really agrres on your thoughts

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Welcome to the community

Welcome to the community!

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It’s just feedback! I of course love the app, I’m just sharing my opinion (the purpose of a community!).


While I do agree on most of the things mentioned, my only issue has to do with Quetzalcoatl and Yam Dreaming. These two topics were all given a high number of votes for a reason. That reason being the livery. Converting the liveries to their standard ones just seems, idk…odd…I guess. Yes, I do know these liveries are extremely complex and would take lots of time, but still, why did they have to be converted like that? Couldn’t these two have been added as the last “community voted” liveries? Personally, I feel like these two could’ve been given a different outcome. Other than that, I’m fine with everything else mentioned.

Both of those liveries are beyond our capabilities, at least in terms of reproducing at such a level that would be considered representable within a reasonable amount of production time.

This is also something we’ve communicated quite a lot & clearly in both of those topics.

I personally find them absolutely beautiful as well and I believe most would disagree with me.


Awesome, however I was hoping to see Jet2 holidays livery on the 757, 737 and a321. Also the thomas cook livery to be added back on the 757. Hopeful that will be done in future🤞

Why cant you leave the request for the Yam Dreaming livery ?


In terms of realism, as mentioned it isn’t realistic to have multiple R2-D2 liveries spawned at one airport and liveries that aren’t in use at the moment, does that mean that we will not see liveries that aren’t used in real life?

For example, the United A350 and Delta 787.

I would prefer in those instances that only liveries that actually have been produced be included on the aircraft rather than those two examples taking spots for what could’ve been used for liveries that actually exist at the moment. Like the American 787 or Thai A350


Is this National Airlines painting also not covered?

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If it’s not going to be a permanent livery, then it won’t be considered.

It’s a shame because it’s a cool paint job.

Where do I request that runway markings come back for the map?

Nowhere, since it’s a noted bug and not feature :)


You can vote on topics already listed but new ideas aren’t allowed to be shown without permission from the higher ups

But its not the normal National Airlines livery and IF only add normal liverys of the airlines because its more realistic

I think using something like survey monkey would work better than just putting out a vote on the forum so you can ask a range of questions

Just a random thought…What if “Special liveries” are only applicable when you are Grade 5 pilot…Less liveries around the airport + people will take grade table a bit more seriously. Just a thought but seems like a good plan to me :)

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