Feature Category & Livery Request Changes

For years Infinite Flight has turned to the #features category to gauge demand for new features and liveries to shape the development pipeline of the future. Forum members use their precious votes to support feature requests and directly impact the way ahead. In typical Infinite Flight fashion, we’re iterating on the way we manage the feature category to ensure your voice is heard in the most direct way possible!

Why the change?

Our initiative aims to further focus feature requests to make sure your limited votes can be used directly on features that can actually be brought to life in Infinite Flight. Due to the endless list of special liveries it is important that we have a clear picture of the airline representation wanted most, not necessarily the livery itself. In addition, an abundance of special liveries can quickly diminish the effect of a one-of-a-kind livery on the ramp. While we can’t add every livery in existence, we at Infinite Flight want to bring you the most desired and current operators roaming the world today!

Feature Request Changes

  • All new feature request topics will now require moderator approval, regardless of a user’s trust level, to ensure the request follows category requirements, is feasible, and not duplicated.

  • Only current and permanent liveries for a specific airline may be requested, or if the airline is no longer flying, the permanent livery when it ceased operations (alliance liveries such as Oneworld and Star Alliance are also permitted).

  • Feature requests may not be created for temporary or special liveries (such as for events or raising awareness). Avoiding these often complex designs (e.g. AeroMexico “Quetzalcóatl” on the B787-9) will ensure that our primary focus is on representing as many airlines as possible in-app.

  • “Retro” liveries are only permitted for a specific airline that have discontinued that aircraft type (e.g. British Airways “Landor” livery for the DC-10 etc.). “Retro” liveries on current aircraft within an airline (e.g. to celebrate its history) are considered special liveries and therefore not permitted.

Note: Temporary or special liveries may be added periodically, however these will be selected internally by Infinite Flight.

How will this change be implemented?

The Infinite Flight team will begin reviewing the forum category and closing any requests which do not meet the new feature category rules and livery standards. Each closed topic will receive a justification and any votes cast for that feature will be returned to the member to be cast on another topic! Unaffected topics will remain unchanged and existing votes cast will still count towards it’s overall count.

To support the feature you want to see most, head to #features and cast a vote!

Top 10 Livery Requests

The following liveries have been committed to future development and make up the top 10 most requested liveries!

Livery Aircraft Forum Votes Notes
Aeromexico B787-9 189 Special “Quetzalcoatl Livery” converted to standard Aeromexico livery in accordance w/ new forum request rules
Qantas B787-9 165 Special “Yam Dreaming Livery” converted to standard Qantas Silveroo 2017 livery in accordance w/ new forum request rules
Jet Airways B777-300ER 133 -
LATAM A321 127 w/ Sharklets
Citilink A320 124 w/ Sharklets
Vistara B787-9 123 -
Air China B777-300ER 107 -
Japan Airlines B777-300ER 104 -
Fiji Airiways A350-900 102 -
Aeromexico B737-800 102 w/ Split Scimitars

This is sickkk!


Glad to see this!


Interesting! And it ensures that this category becomes much better managed!


Say goodbye to special liveries when the A380s reworked I was really hoping we would get some really cool Emirates specials if they rework the A380 but seems like special liveries are no more This really stinks because emirates actually had multiple aircraft in the same special liveries so it wouldn’t be too unrealistic to have like 10 of them parked next to each other in Dubai


I am of happy to see the AMX 737-800 😍


We aren’t saying we won’t have special liveries in the future :)


That’s the longest sentence I’ve ever tried to read.


Whattttt ???
Nah nah
Why TAP is not here for the A333 ???

Since ia a livery is on TOP most voted ??


Didn’t they say they were not adding the Tap livery on the 300 because they added it on the neo


That’s correct yes.


The topic is open again soo…


So can I see it as confirmation?😳


This request did not have the number of votes it did when my top 10 was compiled and frozen. We’ll certainly track that request as well and ensure it enters development when able!


Let’s goo 😆

I’d say yes. :) There’s no timeframe, however.


That would be sick! Been waiting for CA B77W for SOOOO long!


No coments but okey…

Fly it on the A330-900 in the meantime.