Feature Category & Livery Request Changes

For years Infinite Flight has turned to the #features category to gauge demand for new features and liveries to shape the development pipeline of the future. Forum members use their precious votes to support feature requests and directly impact the way ahead. In typical Infinite Flight fashion, we’re iterating on the way we manage the feature category to ensure your voice is heard in the most direct way possible!

Why the change?

Our initiative aims to further focus feature requests to make sure your limited votes can be used directly on features that can actually be brought to life in Infinite Flight. Due to the endless list of special liveries it is important that we have a clear picture of the airline representation wanted most, not necessarily the livery itself. In addition, an abundance of special liveries can quickly diminish the effect of a one-of-a-kind livery on the ramp. While we can’t add every livery in existence, we at Infinite Flight want to bring you the most desired and current operators roaming the world today!

Feature Request Changes

  • All new feature request topics will now require moderator approval, regardless of a user’s trust level, to ensure the request follows category requirements, is feasible, and not duplicated.

  • Only current and permanent liveries for a specific airline may be requested, or if the airline is no longer flying, the permanent livery when it ceased operations (alliance liveries such as Oneworld and Star Alliance are also permitted).

  • Feature requests may not be created for temporary or special liveries (such as for events or raising awareness). Avoiding these often complex designs (e.g. AeroMexico “Quetzalcóatl” on the B787-9) will ensure that our primary focus is on representing as many airlines as possible in-app.

  • “Retro” liveries are only permitted for a specific airline that have discontinued that aircraft type (e.g. British Airways “Landor” livery for the DC-10 etc.). “Retro” liveries on current aircraft within an airline (e.g. to celebrate its history) are considered special liveries and therefore not permitted.

Note: Temporary or special liveries may be added periodically, however these will be selected internally by Infinite Flight.

How will this change be implemented?

The Infinite Flight team will begin reviewing the forum category and closing any requests which do not meet the new feature category rules and livery standards. Each closed topic will receive a justification and any votes cast for that feature will be returned to the member to be cast on another topic! Unaffected topics will remain unchanged and existing votes cast will still count towards it’s overall count.

To support the feature you want to see most, head to #features and cast a vote!

Top 10 Livery Requests

The following liveries have been committed to future development and make up the top 10 most requested liveries!

Livery Aircraft Forum Votes Notes
Aeromexico B787-9 189 Special “Quetzalcoatl Livery” converted to standard Aeromexico livery in accordance w/ new forum request rules
Qantas B787-9 165 Special “Yam Dreaming Livery” converted to standard Qantas Silveroo 2017 livery in accordance w/ new forum request rules
Jet Airways B777-300ER 133 -
LATAM A321 127 w/ Sharklets
Citilink A320 124 w/ Sharklets
Vistara B787-9 123 -
Air China B777-300ER 107 -
Japan Airlines B777-300ER 104 -
Fiji Airiways A350-900 102 -
Aeromexico B737-800 102 w/ Split Scimitars
NEW Aeromexico 787-9 XA-ADG (Formal livery)
Qantas Boeing 787-9 (“Silveroo” 2017 Livery)
Aeromexico Boeing 787-9 "Quetzalcóatl Livery"
Vistara Boeing 787-9 Livery
Fiji Airways A350-900
Air China B777-300ER
Citilink Airbus A320-200
Japan Airlines Boeing 777-300ER
LATAM Airlines A321-200 w/ Sharklets
Jet Airways 777-300ER
Southwest Airlines "Freedom One" 737-800
Land Tunnel
Qantas Boeing 787-9 (Indigenous “Yam Dreaming” Livery)
Delta 757-200 Breast Cancer Awareness Special Livery
BOARDING stairs (tunnel/roof shape)
Papi lights (housing)
Southwest Airlines "Everybody Loves Free Snacks" Catering Truck
A350 "Lufthansa & You" Special livery
British Airways Concorde (G-BOAB) (Heathrow 3D Building)
KLM MD-11 (PH-KCE) "Audrey Hepburn" special 95 years scheme
Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 w/split scimitars
KLM 787-10 "100 Years"
Alaska Airlines "Fly with pride" A320-200
Unique to Airport 3D Animations
Sun Express [Special livery ] Istanbul
Gate numbers as taxiway indicators
Air Canada 777-300ER | Go Canada Go!
easyJet Europcar a320-214
Ability to move ground equipment
Lone Star One
United Boeing 757-200 “New York Art” Livery
Southwest "New Mexico One" Boeing 737-7H4 (New Tail)
LSG Sky Chefs Catering Truck
AA Stand Up To Cancer Livery
Qatar Airways / 777-300ER / FIFA 2022 World Cup Livery
Condor‘s RIZZI BIRD 757-200 #40th Anniversary ~Special Livery~
Alliances Liveries
British Airways A32N | BA Better World Livery
United Airlines Her Art Here - California Livery 757-200
Azul A330-200 (Azul Viagens Livery)
Cebu Pacific 757-200 (City of Manila)
Delta A330neo - Team USA
Boeing 787-9 'Dreams Take Flight'
767-400ER Delta 2015 BCRF Livery
Southwest 737-700 “Tennessee One” Livery
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 'Colorado One' Livery
The 1100th Embraer - AeroMexico Connect E190
Finnair A350-900 (Marimekko Kivet Livery)
jetBlue Embraer 190 (Blueprint Livery)
Finnair A340-300 Marimekko Special Livery
Finnair A330-300 Special Marimekko Livery
Haut Le Drapeau / Fly the Flag Tokyo Olympics 2021 Air Canada 787-9
Icelandair National Geographic Boeing 757-200
South African Airways (Team South Africa 2012 Livery) A340-313
ANA B737-800 "Tohoku Flower Jet"
Air New Zealand | 777-300ER | The Hobbit special livery
Southwest Penguin One Specialty Livery Boeing 737-700
A319 British Airways 'Golden Dove'
Icelandair 757-200 (80 Years of Aviation Livery)
Southwest 737-700 "Slam Dunk One" Livery
Cargolux "Not Without My Mask" Boeing 747-8F
Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-800 Special Livery《Globally Yours》
Emirates 777-300 ER Special 1000th 777 livery
Malaysia Airlines Retro 40Years Livery
Delta Airlines “Thank You” Livery (N391DN)
Emirates Airbus A380 (A6-EEU) Special Dubai Expo 2020
Japan Airlines Boeing 787-9 “Arashi Hawaii Jet” Livery
Tui Fly Boeing 737-824 - Haribo Goldbären (D-ATUD)
GOL B737-800 (Livery Voa Canarinho 2018)
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 Missouri One
Southwest Maryland One Livery
Southwest Airlines Florida One 737-700
Southwest B737-700 Nevada One Livery
Southwest Boeing 737-700 Triple Crown One livery
Southwest Airlines - 737-700 - California One Livery
American Airlines A321-200 "Medal of Honor" Livery
Lufthansa A320 - Star Alliance Livery
Boeing 737-700 NAM Air
Roof Texture with More Color Options
easyJet Europcar a320-214
Animated Tow Bar Pushback tug
Ground Power at the Gate
Garuda Indonesia Airbus A330-300 (Retro Livery)
Taxiway Signs
IF Special Livery | Thank You Community 777-300ER | N773IF
Gate Numbers on the Building
Approach light poles (3D object)
Airport People Movers
A "Mystery" 3D airport
See through airports
Gate size markings
Update 2 Ground Vehicle Textures to HD
3D ATC Tower On Expert Server
How many Jet bridges are on a certain gate
Adding Ruway Identifiers to new 3D Airports
Ground power unit option
The Qantas Centenary Livery B787-9
Terminal Markings
Real World Shaped Terminals
Airport Surveillance Radar (ASR)
Mobile Lounges
New Etihad B787-9 F1 Livery
Custom Ground Service Cars/ American/ Delta etc
Hekla Aurora (Special Iceland Air livery) on the Boeing 757-200
Garuda Indonesia Boeing 777-3U3ER (Retro Livery)
Support for sub-surface objects
Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-7H4 "Arizona One" Livery
Aer Lingus Airbus A320 (Retro Livery)
airBaltic “Lithuanian Flag”- A220-300 (Air Baltic)
Swiss “Fête des Vignerons” - A220-300
Qantas Airbus A330-300 ‘Rainbow Roo’
HSBC Jetway
Pobeda 737 special livery thank healthcare workers for fighting COVID-19
Continental "Peter Max' livery for the 777-200ER
Qantas 787 livery
LOT Boeing 787-9 (Poland Independence Livery)
Southwest Airlines “Louisiana One” B737-700
Jetstar Airbus A320 - 10th Anniversary Livery (VH-VGF)
Special IFC Community Livery

This is sickkk!


Glad to see this!


Interesting! And it ensures that this category becomes much better managed!


Say goodbye to special liveries when the A380s reworked I was really hoping we would get some really cool Emirates specials if they rework the A380 but seems like special liveries are no more This really stinks because emirates actually had multiple aircraft in the same special liveries so it wouldn’t be too unrealistic to have like 10 of them parked next to each other in Dubai


I am of happy to see the AMX 737-800 😍


We aren’t saying we won’t have special liveries in the future :)


That’s the longest sentence I’ve ever tried to read.


Whattttt ???
Nah nah
Why TAP is not here for the A333 ???

Since ia a livery is on TOP most voted ??


Didn’t they say they were not adding the Tap livery on the 300 because they added it on the neo


That’s correct yes.

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The topic is open again soo…

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So can I see it as confirmation?😳

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This request did not have the number of votes it did when my top 10 was compiled and frozen. We’ll certainly track that request as well and ensure it enters development when able!


Let’s goo 😆

I’d say yes. :) There’s no timeframe, however.


That would be sick! Been waiting for CA B77W for SOOOO long!


No coments but okey…

Fly it on the A330-900 in the meantime.