Fear of Flying conundrum

So basically, like everyone else in this community I’m a massive aviation enthusiast. I love flying and have flown light aircraft myself a few times. HOWEVER when it comes to flying in airliners I have an uncontrollable fear of flying. This has always baffled me due to my love of flying. I take the most realistic approach to IF to the last detail and fly at least every day / every other day. But as I said, I have a fear of flying.

Any tips or methods to get over this or anyone who knows why, would be greatly appreciated since I have a long haul from Heathrow to Johannesburg coming up!

Talking about real life fear here in IF

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What is it about Airliners that scares you though ? The size, the load capacity, the server, etc etc etc. maybe we can help calm those nerves 😬

For reference I’m talking about real life! 😂

One thing that might help is that the bigger the aircraft, the more redundancy systems are in place to make things safer. Modern aircraft don’t need all systems, sensors or engines to safely fly, that’s what decades of learning and regulation lead to. Commercial flying is by far the safest mode of transportation and also one of the closest controlled one. The larger the aircraft, the less you feel of turbulence too, so your ride should be even more comfortable.

That’s very true!
You see the issue is mainly take off. The feeling doesn’t agree with me not sure why as I know all the procedures happening up front etc… once I’m in the air it’s not much of a problem but take off is awful, yet some say it’s the best feeling!

I agree! This was also the worst part of the flight for me for a long time… The best way would probably be just to experience it a few times to ensure yourself that it isn’t too bad after all and that while the feeling is weird, no reason for fear is given since it’s all perfectly safe.
Maybe try to see the positive side of taking of, i.e. that it’s the start to a new exciting journey of yours and that you get to indulge in the roar of the engines which you only really get to do during takeoff.

Have you been on a flight since you discovered IF and your love for aviation?

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