Fear of Flying Advice

So, I’m not sure if this exists, but I felt it should be refreshed either way.

Many people fly around the world every hour. It’s a common mode of transport nowadays. But there are still people who have a fear of flying.

Is there any advice for these people that you guys have/know of?
This can be ways to prepare yourself for a flight, things to do in flight, ways to get rid of the fear entirely etc.

ANYTHING you know of, comment here, and let’s help the world get better with flying!

Some basics I know of:

  • Flying is one of the safest modes of transport, if not THE safest.
  • There are Flight Therapy courses you can get, and they are run by different airlines (ie - EasyJet).
  • If you get to choose, sit away from the window, if a fear of heights combines with your fear of flying.

Other things the community have thought of:

  • Occupy yourself with music, films etc
  • Look into aircraft and how they work
  • Have a conversation with a fellow passenger
  • Try and counter your fear. Eg - if your fear is of the sound, listen to some music. If your fear is seeing things during flight, such as takeoffs, don’t sit near a window and bring a visual distraction, such as a phone or watch a film
  • Visit a large airshow, which features a lot of airliners (ie - Paris, Dubai etc).

One I know of is for during a flight, to tap your wrists together on the pressure point. It lowers the heart rate and calms you down, apparently.

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Don’t get a window seat:-)

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I´ve had a fear of flying, after I was onboard a flight that made a rather hard emergency landing. After that I didn´t fly for like 2.5 years.
What I did, was just researching about airplanes, how they work, why they can fly, and research how rarely any accidents happen, that helped me.


True 😂
I guess this helps for those with a fear of heights too

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A completely valid reason to be nervous. But great to see you looked into it and saw how safe it was.

It’s safer than driving

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And many other modes of transport too, if not all of them!

But it hasn’t´t changed me completely, I´m still not flying Dash 8s, I don´t trust them. Basically the fear of flying is about realizing there isn´t really anything to be afraid of, however, It´s harder done than said, After I started looking into aviation, it still took me a year yo get the balls to fly again, and as I said, I still don´t dare to fly Dash 8s, so I guess my fear is not completely done.

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Why not the Dash-8 specifically? Was that the one you had with the emergency?

Actually no, a window seat actually helps with this and this is why aircraft manufacturers are making windows bigger (787 for example). This helps passengers not feel like they are trapped in a flying box and seeing outside helps. I read this somewhere that this is why the first space missions had windows in it because it’s a natural thing.

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The aircraft I was on was a Dash 8, many planes of same type also had issues with their collapsing or just not fully working.


It’s a good tactic for those with ONLY the fear of flying. But when it comes to a fear of heights too, it’s best not to sit next to the window.

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Ok. Well that’s only one aircraft type, and you said that you’re better than before with flying, so you’re halfway there 👌

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Yes i agree, the topic only says “fear of flying” ;) so it is true in this case but yea in fear of heights sitting near the window isn’t smart.

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Personally, I love flying, I just won’t trust my life with a Dash 8 again, I was very lucky that it didn’t end worse last time, there is no chance that I can be lucky two times in a row.

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Always think positive 👊

Literally was on youtube last night watching videos related to this! (Illininati confirmed)

So what the ‘plane whisperer’ advised his clients was breathing properly (avoiding panic attacks) was 90% of the battle. Take a straw with you and limit your breathing through the straw.

Keeping occupied is your best friend. Find ways to keep your mind of the flight and try to soak in everything else in.

Most fear comes before takeoff, usually once the flight is in cruise and they see how comforting flying can be the fear subsides

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So for example, keeping your mind off it could include watching films or listening to music

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Exactly. Tablets, cell phones, music whatever works for you. Even interaction with other passengers

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