FDS Livery Questions

I wanted to do a poll, but I do not know how. so my questions are:

  1. you like the livery FDS?
  2. do you think should be changed or updated?
  3. how to? Make an example.
  • Do you like the FDS livery?
  • Do you think it should be changed or updated?
  • How to? Make an example

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Thanks Massimo!!

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No worries!

Can you give me a link to see how can do polls?

Here use this:


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An improved poll:

Do you like the FDS livery?

  • Hell Yeah
  • Yes
  • It’s alright
  • Meh
  • No
  • Ewwwwwww it’s disgusting

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(How) should it be changed?

  • Revamp of livery
  • Removal of all FDS liveries
  • Livery for all planes
  • I like it the way it is
  • I don’t know what to change

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We definitely need a 2016 FDS livery…

I suggest @JFKPlaneSpotter101 's livery :D

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I gotcha Matt! 😉😂

I want to see it!!!


That looks cool. I really like it :)

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I believe there will be one, as they said that there will be a new logo so I think they will make a new livery.

I swear, if they add my idea…I will explode 😂

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Maybe you can change the colors…so vintage…

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Make it a 2017 livery. Let’s stay ahead of time 'cause it’s gonna take a few months to produce anyways. The hype for a 2016 livery that’s released in October compared to a 2017 livery should be noticeable. Just my thoughts.

I love flying the FDS liveries!