FDS Livery 2016 Contest

I know this is 100% up to the Devs but I thought it would be cool if there was a contest to decide the new FDS Livery for 1016 (if there is one) and Matt & philippe could decide which one wins. Good idea?

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  • no
  • maybe

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You should make it general if your going to have photos posted.

No, this isn’t a contest. Just a question

Oh ok then.

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You may want to change that.

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You never know… They may have already finished the FDS 2016 livery and are waiting to push it in the next update! ;)

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A similar idea was brought up by IFFG & was at first given the green light by FDS but it was scrapped because they started to get requests from other groups wanting liveries.

I know what you are saying here is a bit different… but I can see similar problems.

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Yeah lol. Either bye next update will be updated airports with the 2016 livery or it’ll come with the 787